Join us for three days of groundbreaking talks, lively discussion and dynamic collaboration. You will learn about fascinating Data Science in F# across fields such as Biology, Finance and Logistics. Collaborate with leading experts and contribute to the F#'s rapidly growing Data Science ecosystem.

Berlin, Germany

Presentation, collaboration space, lunch and refreshments.

28–30 September 2023

3 day conference

10 Speakers

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We’re excited to welcome a diverse range of speakers covering domains such as Genetics, Finance and Logistics. Talks will showcase the ground breaking work being done with F# and demonstrate powerful techniques with broad application to Data Science.

Keynote Speakers

Don Syme

Don Syme is an Australian computer scientist and a Principal Researcher at GitHub Next. He is the originator of the F# programming language design and works in collaboration with the community and contributing companies to advance the language and its implementation. He is also part of the team developing the GitHub Copilot-X feature set, researching across the AI-programming divide.

Tomas Petricek

Tomas is an assistant professor at Charles University. He researches programming systems and the history & philosophy of computing, with a PhD in context-aware computations from University of Cambridge. He worked on F# tools at Microsoft Research and built novel tools for data exploration at The Alan Turing Institute.

Event Speakers

Nicholas Hirschey

Nicholas Hirschey is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Nova SBE, where he teaches in the Masters program. Professor Hirschey holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Texas and B.A.s in Mathematics and Economics from Grinnell College. His research interests include asset pricing, microstructure, and international finance.

Evelina Gabasova

Evelina is a Principal Research Data Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. She is passionate about making data science understandable and accessible to everyone.

Mathias Brandewinder

Mathias Brandewinder has been developing software professionally for about 10 years, with a focus on forecasting and risk analysis models. He is a Microsoft F# MVP, and speaks regularly on functional programming and related topics at conferences worldwide. He is the author of “Machine Learning Projects for .NET Developers”(Apress)

Timo Mühlhaus

Timo is a Professor of Computational Systems Biology at University of Kaiserslautern. His research interests include: algorithms and systems for data analysis in computational proteomics, dynamic system analytics and network modelling to understand biological system responses to environmental changes.

Harry McCarney

Harry is the founder and CEO of Hack and Craft. He has been writing software for over 20 years and is passionate about the creative application of Data Science to important real world problems. At H&C he oversees development of Data Science solutions in F# for critical industries including manufacturing and logistics.

Matthew Crews

Matthew Crews is a performance-obsessed software engineer who focuses on the domain of Discrete-Event Simulation and Optimization. He discovered F# in 2010 and has been pushing the performance boundaries of the language ever since.

Kevin Schneider

Kevin is a computational biology PhD researcher. He writes and maintains open source data science software at fslaborg and CSBiology. He is best known for maintaining Plotly.NET, the integral data visualization library in the fslab stack.

Benedikt Venn

Benedikt is a PhD researcher in the CSBiology group. He is a co-organizer of this conference and maintains FSharp.Stats, the data analytics and statistical testing library within fslab.


Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten hotel

Lunch and refreshments will be provided across all three days of the conference. The hotel is located in the west of the city, by Tiergarten, and is surrounded by great public transport links.



This conference is created in partnership with Hack and Craft, FsLab, Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau and the F# software foundation. These organisations span industry, academia and technology and are passionate advocates for Data Science in F#.

Join members of the data science community from across the globe as we unite in Berlin.

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Mission Statement

Data Science is critical to overcoming the global challenges of the future. Our conference aims to show that the F# language and its community have a valuable contribution to make to the future success of Data Science. We believe everyone should have an equal voice and that diversity is our strength.